Theory tests cancelled until 8 May 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, from Monday 20 April 2020, all theory tests have been cancelled until Friday 8 May 2020.

With this in mind and the fact that it’s now been almost a month since lockdown began, we have decided to help everyone we can with their theory and practical tests via Facebook for free. So we will posting help and advice on both tests, including the top 10 reasons pupils fail their practical tests, the most common incorrectly answered questions from the theory test and Q & A’s from our pupils. This will start tomorrow so if you have any questions regarding either test or safe driving in general either message us directly @birdiesdrivingschool via Facebook or email us on and we will do our best to answer and help out as many of you as we can.

We hope you are all staying safe during these strange and testing times.

From all of the team @birdiesdrivingschool

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